How to use VPN to Efficiently Handle Rate Limit in Grambuddy

Abhinav Rai
2 min readFeb 18, 2020

If you are doing a task which has a lot of numbers like

Grambuddy Retrying to check if rate limit is removed
  • getting followers for an account which have more than 10K followers,
  • getting detailed analysis of the follower/following (Count more than 800)
  • getting dead followers for account which has a lot of posts & likes
  • Getting likers & commenters in Analyse posts with a large number of posts & likes

Chances are that you would be Rate limited by Instagram, meaning that you cannot hit more requests for some time (~ say 5 minutes).

Grambuddy Automatically handles this and pauses for some time and when this rate limit is opened, it starts again.

For getting these details for Public accounts, we can use free VPNs like Browsec which will reduce this time significantly. Just follow below 3 steps.

Instagram Rate limits us. So we need to use a vpn. Browsec is a free VPN and another chrome extension like Grambuddy.

  1. Install Browsec from
Browsec chrome extension Icon

2. After Installing, Click on this Installed Browsec and press Protect me.

3. That’s it! 🎉You can choose different countries. 4 are free and see which one gives you the best speed.

If Rate limit happens again, change the location and the process will continue!

For any support regarding Grambuddy (, please contact

Install the Grambuddy chrome extension from here.



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